The Durban Declaration of Dr. Simon Wain-Hobson

29 June 2000

On the 6 th July 2.000 when "Nature" publishes the "Durban Declaration", signed by many scientists considered to be reputed experts in their very different fields of science, it will substantiate the dishonouring of science.

With this document Dr. Simon Wain-Hobson of the Institute Pasteur, a renowned scientist, demands of the public an act of faith without any scientific investigation.

The Declaration maintains the reliability of the so-called HIV-antibody tests. Any scientist will realise straight away that this affirmation confirms implicitly that the tests are not in fact valid. This is so clear scientifically that it hardly needs comment. Every scientist knows that a test that is not worth anything cannot possibly prove a virus infection. Everybody also knows that it is ethically and legally irresponsible to administer risky drugs like AZT on the basis of such tests.

It is more than ridiculous to read the affirmation by the signatories of the Declaration that the not valid, but only reliable tests "confirm to the highest scientific standards ". Reliable means only reproducibility.

After reading this the "Durban Declaration" of Dr. Simon Wain-Hobson every thinking person has to ask himself why it was impossible for the scientists attending the International Conference on AIDS in Geneva (1998) to publish scientific proof of the existence of HIV when confronted by the spanish delegation who had tested positive and were holding a hunger strike in front of the offices of the WHO.

Affirming that HIV can be transmitted, thus causing AIDS, the signatories to the "Durban Declaration" find it very difficult to explain the following two German examples:

1. Long before the fall of the Berlin wall there was traffic between East and West, even in a figurative sense of the word, including between homosexuals. Nevertheless there were no cases of AIDS in the DDR (the former East German state). Should one then conclude that the virus was afraid of communists?

2. The leading AIDS-scientist of the German Government (the BRD), Professor Kurth confirms 5 (!) cases of HIV-Infections in prison in the last 15 years. Nevertheless, intravenous drug use in German prisons is just as wide-spread as homosexual practices.

These two German examples are in themselves sufficient to disclaim empirically the AIDS infection hypothesis.

The signatories of the Declaration also have a major problem affirming on the one hand that in laboratory HIV destroys T4 cells, and on the other hand having to admit that the cell lines which resulted from the cell culture which was the base for the patent application from the US government on 23 April 1984 are still very much alive indeed. On that day in 1984 the US-Government proved that the virus, supposedly contained in this culture, does not destroy cells.

If neither "Nature" nor Dr. Simon Wain-Hobson and the scientists who signed the Declaration want to be remembered by the history of science as dangerous charlatans they will have to provide immediately the following scientific evidence to the South African President and to us:

1. Proof of the existence of the HI-Virus according to the highest scientific standards in virology, specially through a photo of the isolated virus.

2. Proof of the validity and not only the reliability of the HIV-Antibody tests and of the HIV-PCR-tests.

If "Nature" wants to show that it really is a scientific publication, adhering to traditional scientific values, such as truth, the search for truth and the well-being of mankind, they will surely wish to comply with our request in the first edition possible.

If this evidence is not forthcoming, "Nature", Dr. Simon Wain-Hobson and the signatories of the "Durban-Declaration" will have shown that this declaration is a malicious attempt to discredit the South African President, Mr. Mbeki and they will also have proved that they are acting knowingly against man´s right to live, not only in South Africa, but everywhere in the world.

Karl Krafeld, "Wissenschaft, Medizin und Menschenrechte e.V." (Science, Medicine and Human Rights, e.V.)
Dr. Stefan Lanka, "regimed" (research group investigative medicine & journalism), Germany
David Subik, "regimed" and "Heretes", Czech Republik
Lluis Botinas, "plural-21", Barcelona, Spain
Robert Laarhoven , Netherlands
Gaetano Martino, "regimed", Italy
Huw Christie, "Continuum", London, UK
Michael Ellner, "HEAL NYC", USA